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GS 2012 Szeged


Dear Ultimate Players, Coaches and Fans,

We gladly invite you to the first tournament of the Grand Slam Beyond the Borders 2012 series to Szeged, Hungary.

Szeged is one of the sunniest places in Hungary, called as the ’City of Sunshine’, too, was put on the Ultimate Map the last year. The city is located next to the merge of Tisza and Maros rivers, very close to the Hungarian-Serbian and Hungarian-Romanian borders, so a really good choice for playing a "grand slam" beyond our borders!

We offer you: sunshine, wine, beer, party – but all of that just after many-many games. :)

Infos summary:

  • Date: May 19-20, 2012
  • Location: UTC Sport fields, Szeged, Hungary
  • Category: Coed
  • Player fee: 15 EUR/person (includes camping next to the field, breakfast, dinner)
  • Team fee: free (GS team), 50 EUR (not GS team)
  • Registration deadline: April 30, 2012
  • Organizers, contact: SZUFLA Ultimate Team, ultimateszufla [at]
  • Expected number of teams: ~10
  • Facebook fan page:


Please register your team by April 30, 2012 via filling out the online form or via email. We have to limit the number of teams so GS teams and earlier registrations will have a better chance to participate!

For all those who have no teams, but interested, we hope to have a pick-up team. Please, contact us for details!



We expect to have about 10 coed teams for the whole weekend playing matches on two very good quality (grass) football fields (one 60x100m, and another one which is about 40x100m).


Player fee includes possibility to stay in tents next to the fields. Next to the place for tents there's some place for parking too. If you choose this option, please be prepared that the facilities are no better than in a low-budget camping!

For those who would not like to sleep in tents, we recommend cheap dorm close to the fields for about 10-11 Euros. The dorm is about 35-40 minutes in walking distance from the fields. Endre Ady Student Hostel (HUN).

The player fee will include a dinner with some Hungarian specialties for Saturday and Saturday/Sunday breakfast, some fruits and etc.

About Szeged and the Social programs

With 2,100 hours of sunshine each year, Szeged is called ‘the city of sunshine’. It is the most important city on the South Great Plain and the economic, scientific and cultural centre of the region. The proximity of the three borders provides Szeged a significant strategic role both for Europe and for Hungary. Szeged is located less than 20 km from the Romanian and Serbian borders, at the confluence of two rivers: the Maros and the Tisza. It is 170 km far from Budapest and 220 km far from Belgrade. Its population numbers more than 164,000, making Szeged the third largest provincial city in the country.

The University of Szeged has the 70th place in the academic ranking of European Universities. Several of the University’s projects are funded by EU framework programs. The University of Szeged is one of the three leading higher education institutions and one of the most important R&D centres of Hungary. The University has a course for learning Ultimate Frisbee! With about its 30 000 students and 1 713 teachers there is a quite high probability that when you enter in a bar, you will find students everywhere, particularly downtown.

Wine festival

Commemorating our event the Day of Szeged is celebrated annually on this weekend, also serving as the opening event for the summer festival season. This is the largest festival around including a Fair and Wine festival! Here we will have some chance to taste the best wines of Hungary;) You may take a look at a "googletranslated" program of the festival here.

The field will be about 15-20 minutes walking distance from Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Szeged which is an exclusive bath with slides, medical bath, and outdoor swimming pool. There are 13 water slides (9 indoor and 4 outdoor) there including the 272-meter long anaconda which starts from a 30-meter high, elevator-served slide tower. (Well... of course we cannot include the entrance fee in the 15 Euro players fee, but the option to have some fun there will be yours!)

The Botanic Garden and the Observatory of University of Szeged (SZTE) is just next to the field. The Botanic Garden is also a frequently visited place of relaxation for plant lovers where they enjoy the rose garden, the rock garden and the diverse collection of evergreen plants. The population of Nelumbo nucifera (the pink sacred lotus) found in the lake near the main path and the Metasequoia glyptostroboides (dawn redwoods) found right at the main entrance, attract an ever increasing number of experts and plant lovers as well.

We look forward to seeing you in our lovely city!

Till that time we would like to introduce our city with this small video:

We also invite you to take a virtual walk in Szeged:

Feel free to contact us with any questions!
SZUFLA Ultimate Team

About Grand Slam Beyond the Borders 2012

Grand Slam

“Tournament series for those (Austrian, Bosnian, Croatian, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovenian) teams, who want to take part at least 3 cheap, `middle-leveled` open&coed tourneys in the region”.

“A team from the region, which is not going to the EUCQ (or higher leveled) tournaments with the same team, and want to take part in the series in 2012.”

“GS T Is organized from a GS TEAM; all GS TEAM can get the Spot; the team fee is 0euro, the player fee is maximum 15euro for the GS TEAMs.”


Prominent sponsors of our tournament are:

UTC Újszegedi TC
Jate Klub Jate Klub, Szeged